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This is my first time purchasing and cooking baby taro. It is imported from China and usually available during mid autumn festival.

I usually buy the big local ones weighing up to 600-900g. Both of them are the same price when sold by weight. This is more convenient if I would like to eat or cook a small serving.

It can be eaten plain by steaming or boiling. Other ways to cook it are roasting, boiling it in soups, or braising or stewing it. I just steamed it and ate it plain as a snack, just the way I eat sweet potatoes.

Steamed Baby Taro

Heat up water.

Wash baby taro. Cut away the spoiled parts.

When water is boiling, put taro in steamer rack.

Steam it for 20-25 minutes or until it is soft.

Peel of the skin of the taro. It is easily removed.

How was it?

The texture of baby taro is different compared to the big taro. It is moist and less powdery. It does not have that strong taro flavour and its colour is white. The big taro has a slight purplish colour.

I prefer the texture compared to the big taro but flavour wise the big taro is nicer. It is suitable for a snack or a rice substitute for dinner. Piglet prefers sweet potato compared to baby taro so I will steam more of that for him.

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