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‘Hmm….Why didn’t I start popping earlier?’ While I was cooking pop corn.

As a child, I used to eat butter flavoured microwave popcorn. Half the fun was actually standing in front of the microwave and watching it pop. It was very greasy though especially towards the second half of the serving.

My friend had mentioned a few years ago that her housemate has that for dinner nearly everyday for a few weeks. It didn’t occur to me then that it is so simple to make stovetop pop corn.

Besides, I used to eat it at work quite often. My colleague brings the packaged pop corn sold and flavoured quite similarly to a bag of crips. I quite like the salt and vinegar flavoured ones. It was convenient and instant.

When I was back in Malaysia, I ate caramel popcorn when I was at the movies. It had tons of sugar in it and was quite costly.

And I thought, why don’t I make it myself at home. It would be considered a healthy snack.

Stovetop popcorn


Popcorn kennel, oil, salt


  1. Add oil and popcorn
  2. Distribute the oil well on the base of pot.
  3. Heat up oil and popcorn and cover lid
  4. When it stops popping, open the lid to check
  5. Flavour it with salt or other flavour desired

I was too impatient, so there were still some unpop-ed ones in the pot. And also would need to use less so that that it will not fill up the whole pot and need to remove some halfway.

It’s so fun and yummy! Going to do this again for a snack.

Maybe I will try other sugarfree flavours: Let’s see…

  • Salt and vinegar
  • Peanut
  • Salted butter
  • Spicy
  • Curry
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate

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