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I bought a new addition to my kitchen: a tawa pan. A tawa or tava is a large flat pan used in South Asian cooking. It is used to make flatbread or pancakes.

The typical ones are entirely flat or concave without an edge made of cast iron, carbon or aluminium. Mine is induction friendly, non stick and has an elevation at the edge. It measures 280mm.

Induction Base

I have tried several recipes:

1. Thosai

It is a fermented rice & lentil pancake.

2. Roti Paratha

Roti Paratha, a flatbread that is made from laminated dough consisting of plain flour, water and oil.

3. Chapati

Chapati, a flatbread that is made from chakki atta (Indian stonegrind whole wheat flour).

4. Pancake

I made a sourdough version.


It made Chocolate crepe cake. The diameter of the pan is really wide so I just cut it into half an decorated half cake


I also treat it like a non stick frying pan to cook eggs.

Bull eye egg

7.Toast bread

8. Vegetarian Enchilada

It can also be used to fry fish, vegetables and potatoes but I think I would use other pans for that.

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