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I noticed something had gone wrong on the end of day 4. I had planned the countertop height in the wet kitchen to be 85cm.

Measurements to go with:

Countertop HeightMeasurementsMy Countertop Area
Preparation10cm below elbowDry Kitchen Countertop
Cooking15cm below elbowWet Kitchen Countertop
Baking (Kneading)20cm below elbowDining Table

The contractor had called me straight away after I sent him a picture with the measurement. Both of us were just as astonished. We had checked the level a few months ago and the concrete table top (excluding tiles and plastering) was 80cm.

Hob Countertop Height Measurement (Without Floor Tiles) = 82cm
Sink Countertop Height Measurement (Without Floor Tiles) = 81cm

The floor tiles and grout will take up another 2-3cm. After the floor installation the sink countertop will be about 78cm and hob countertop will be about 79cm.

‘If you have a problem with it now and leave it as it is, you might regret it later.’

The contractor advised that it could be remedied by hacking the floor. The pipe alteration might be a bit troublesome though. It was a blessing in disguise that the floor tiling had been delayed as the sand has not been delivered yet. The original plan was to install floor tiles on the 4th day and countertop on the 5th day. The tiling works was put on hold and he had to find subcontractors to do the hacking work.

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