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Recently I bought some water chestnut and was looking for recipes to try out. I ate the water chestnut raw the first round. And the following week, I raw water chestnut flour at the Chinese section of the supermarket so decided to make it.

 Water chestnut flour can be used to make jelly or even thicken water chestnut drinks.

Its taste and texture is more like a jelly to me although it is called a cake. Apparently it is a dim sum dish where it is eaten cold during summer and pan fried during winter.

The first step is soaking the water chestnut flour in water. I had to sieve it several times as the water chestnut flour did not mix too well with the water. Then the water chestnut is added into the boiling sugar syrup. Surprisingly, after adding the water chestnut sugar syrup to the flour and water mix, it turned pasty.

The sugar quantity was reduced and it was still really sweet. I started off using 100g water chestnut flour so for the next round I will try adding more water chestnut flour and add starch to it. The cake fit my 900L borosilicate glass dish.

Water Chestnut Cake/ Jelly Recipe

Adapted from Elaine (chinasichuanfood)


120g water chestnut flour

4 water chestnut (chopped)

120g white granulated sugar

120ml water + 440ml water


1. Soak water chestnut flour with 120ml water and sieve it.

2. Boil 440ml water and sugar and add in chopped water chestnut.

3. Stir water chestnut flour and water mixture while pouring boiling water chestnut sugar water.

4. Transfer it to another dishware and Steam it for 20 minutes.

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