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Why I decided to switch back to a top load washing machine

I have been using a front load washing machine for the past 9 years and had decided to make a switch to a top load end of last year when I was shopping for a new washing machine.

Why top load washing machine?

1. Flooding

Puddles of water if clothes were caught at the washing machine door seal

Blockage at the outlet and I did not realise that my clothes did not drain. I opened the washing machine door and water flowed out.

2. Mold

At the washing machine rubber seal. It also had a smell to it.

3. Ergonomic

The front load felt like a ‘black hole’. I was digging my hand in to find clothes and bending down to visualise any socks.

4. Quick wash

Top load takes 50 minutes to 1 hour and front load takes 1 and a half hours to 2 hours.

5. Cheaper

Price difference (same brand)

RM799 RM945 RM1239RM1758

6. Last minute laundry

I do forget to add a towel or two after starting the wash cycle.

7. Last longer

This might be bias and purely from my observation. The front load washing machine in the rental properties I had used had more problems and had been replaced more often than the top load I had used previously.

8. Low suds detergent

The soap may leave residue on the clothing if using a front load washing machine and require low suds detergent as it uses less water.

Obviously not every design is perfect. It has its own drawbacks…

Why front load washing machine

1. Economical wash

It is more energy efficient and saves water.

2. Cleaner & Gentler on clothes

Clothes might last longer

3. Saves space

It can be installed as a built in cabinet with a countertop. It is also stackable so that a dryer can be placed on top of it

4. Aesthetic

It looks better

5. Combination

There is combi washer dryer

6. More features

There are more setting and feature per wash

Who knows I might change back to a front load washing machine after this round….

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